Monday, July 14, 2008

A Positive Way To Keep Kids Safe

Today, at the Glenville Police Station, I launched the 11th annual Safe Summer Program. Officers from nearly two dozen capital region police departments will be out issuing tickets to youngsters on their bikes throughout the summer. With the help of Stewart's, Friendly's and Ben and Jerry's, children spotted wearing a helmet will receive a ticket for free ice cream. We want to keep things positive and reward them for exhibiting safe behavior.
Bike riding is a fun activity, but without proper gear it could be dangerous. Helmets can help prevent serious injury and even save the lives of bike riders. The children there today were all wearing the right safety gear and were very happy to receive their coupons.

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Coach Danzy said...

Mr. Tedisco,

I would like to say thank you for your support for legislation to keep children safe. As a physical education teacher, I support your committement to provide safety equipment for the children in the Schenectady county area. We need more of the same here in Albany county.

In closing, I also would to say thank you for all the postcards you sent me, during my basketball career at Schenectady County Community College 1992 - 1994.