Thursday, June 19, 2008


A massive convoy of hundreds of truckers made their voices heard today as they converged around the State Capitol. The truckers are fed up with New York's excessive gas prices and gas taxes. They were blowing their air horns in sheer frustration with the pain at the pump. I urge Speaker Sheldon Silver to hear the truckers' concerns and do something about fuel costs.

For months, my Assembly Republican colleagues and I have been calling on Speaker Silver to do something about rising fuel costs. The record prices are having a negative financial impact on truckers, motorists, businesses and consumers. Rising fuel costs have driven up the price of practically everything from a loaf of bread to a gallon of milk, along with nearly every other basic necessity that families depend on.

Our Conference sponsored legislation that would provide these truckers, and all motorists, with a much-needed summertime gas tax holiday. The measure would provide a savings of nearly 33-cents per gallon of gasoline and 31-cents per gallon of diesel fuel for motorists to help reduce the sticker shock too many drivers receive when they fill their tanks.

The question remains: will Speaker Silver and his Assembly Democrat Conference listen? New York can't afford their continued delays. Motorists and consumers deserve relief and they should get it before this session ends.


Anonymous said...

Silver needs to be replaced as speaker asap. We need to vote out all assembly members who vote with special interests over the people who put them in office.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon Silver, his cronies as well as all special interest elected officals of all parties must be replaced.
Who do they think they are? emperors?
They work or US. WE elect them. They are public SERVANTS.
Vote them out.
We need a recall clause put in our state constitution so we can recall a elected official. (NY doesn't allow recalls)Ironic. isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Silver and his cronies must go. thime to take back NY.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Silver will listen. He thinks he is king of NY.
He must be voted out of office.