Friday, February 15, 2008

Your family now owes NYS $575 -- $102 more than 3 weeks ago

My staff just completed its analysis of the amendments to the Governor's budget and found that the increases in taxes and fees contained in it would cost the average New York State family $575.20 a year. As you may recall, I blogged on January 23rd on this and at that time the total cost to New York families was $473. These amendments put the squeeze on middle-class taxpayers even more than the hit the Governor originally placed on them.

Governor Spitzer's Budget - Cost to an Average Family

Proposal Cost/Family

Community College Tuition $100

Endorsement Fee for WHTI compliant drivers license $80

Increased Motor Vehicle Insurance Fee ($15 X 2 cars) $30

Mortgage Recording Fee
County optional increase $20
Per page filing fee increase ($2 X 11 pages) $22

Gas Tax Merger
Tax Increase per Family $12

Health Costs
Health Maintenance Organization Tax $157
Covered Lives Assessment $43

Internet Tax
Tax Increase per Family $15

Bottle Bill per Family $31.20

Middle Class Star Rebate
No increase for Basic STAR Recipients $65



Anonymous said...

Gee, whatever happened to, "But there's one thing I won't do, and that's raise your taxes. And that you can take to the bank"?? Oh, that's right. These aren't all new taxes, they're just "fees." And those that are getting taxed are the big bad corporations, right? Yes, because we all know that they are going to eat these increased costs and not pass it on to the consumers (us). Good thinking, Eliot.

Anonymous said...

Jim, What are you going to do about this?

Jim Tedisco said...

As I've said before, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it's a tax in New York State. You can call them fees, surcharges, loophole closures or any other euphemism, as far as I'm concerned, they're taxes. It's a hit on the middle class in New York State. I will do everything in my power to fight these tax increases. My staff will be at every budget meeting to speak out against them. I will also use the bully pulpit whenever possible. But by far the most powerful voice out there is yours. Write your legislator and the governor and tell them how you feel about paying more taxes in a state that already taxes you too much.