Friday, February 8, 2008

Times Union Notes My Blog

Today's Times Union Inside Politics column noted my Super Bowl prediction.

Here's the excerpt:
"Pardon the interruption

And finally, credit where credit is due.

Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco is never one to shy from a camera or shrink from a bold prediction. So it wasn't shocking when the Schenectady Republican took to his blog, Tedisco's Take, and -- between panning the Thruway Authority's proposed toll hike and applauding efforts to strengthen parole laws -- made his Super Bowl predictions.

"They've got a greater leader now who has matured in Eli Manning. He's not only throwing the passes, he's making them. But he's not making the mistakes he's made in the past," Tedisco said of the Giants' young quarterback in a video posted to his blog on Jan. 30.

"The Giants by 3." As we all now know, the final score: Giants 17, Patriots 14.

Now, if Tedisco could just lure Big Blue to train at Schenectady County Community College instead of the University at Albany."
Hmmm....the Giants training camp at SCCC. Not a bad idea. Maybe they can share space with my alma mater, Union College!

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