Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fast Track the Property Tax Cap

A little over an hour from now, Governor Eliot Spitzer will be giving his second State of the State Address to the people of New York. From some of the early glimpses I have seen, it appears that the Governor is ready to address our state’s property tax crisis, and that is welcome news for overtaxed, overburdened New Yorkers who have been demanding real relief.

I urge the Governor to push for implementation of the property tax cap and not allow it to become mired in further study. We can ensure that the appropriate stakeholders – most importantly, the collective voices of the more than 18 million New Yorkers we represent – are fully heard and involved in this effort by putting a property tax cap on a ‘fast track,’ and not the back burner. New York needs a property tax cap and we need it now. Accordingly, I’m asking the Governor to move enactment of a property tax cap to the top of this year’s legislative agenda and work in bi-partisan partnership with our Conference to achieve this critical goal.

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frank s. black said...

Jim Tedisco is the only one in the Assembly, maybe the whole legislature, who has consistenly been willing to tell the truth, and in so doing upset the proverbial apple-cart. The "Tax-cap" is a great and appropriate decendant of the "pass the budget" tie. What's so amazing is that someone so outspoken and honest has actually acheived a leadership position in one of the most flawed and corrupt governments in the country. Give em' hell Jim!