Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Spitzer Plan Catering to Illegals

In his 2008-09 Executive Budget, Governor Spitzer has proposed a tax on illegal drug sales. His legislation would require tax stamps to be placed on illegal drug packages, much like those currently affixed to cigarette packages.

The difference: cigarettes are legal. What kind of mixed message is the Governor sending with this proposal? Does he expect law-breaking drug dealers to obey this provision? My question to Mr. Spitzer is, “what’s next, taxing prostitution?

According to the New York Post’s Ken Lovett, “Experience in other states shows that stamp collectors, not drug dealers, are the ones purchasing the tax stamps”.

The governor says it's not a step toward legalizing illicit drugs. But if he wants to make the bad guys pay more he should increase the fines they pay -- not legitimize their illegal activity by creating a new state tax office.

Please support my Conference’s efforts to prevent this ridiculous measure from becoming law. It is wrong for New York State.

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