Thursday, December 18, 2008


The 137 tax and fee increases within Governor Paterson's 2009-10 Executive Budget will cost the average New York family an extra $3,875.48 annually. This is a "gut punch" to New York's middle class already hurting from a terrible economy, home foreclosures and loss of real wages.

The analysis, compiled by the Assembly Republican Ways and Means Committee, found that Governor Paterson's 137 tax and fee increases - imposed on everything from digital music downloads to soda - could potentially lead to the loss of one-in-ten jobs.

These 137 tax and fee increases sought by Governor Paterson mean state government is digging even deeper into the pockets of New York's middle class families, many of whom are already reeling from the recession. His tax and fee hikes send absolutely the worst possible message, at the worst possible time, for middle class families who are losing their jobs, losing their houses and seeing their incomes and home values decline.

While families cut back and make sacrifices, Governor Paterson would have state government take even more, ultimately deepening and prolonging the recession. All these tax and fee hikes are like declaring war on New York's middle class families.

The following are some of the products and services Governor Paterson's Executive Budget would raise taxes or fees on: cable and satellite television; pay per view movies; cigars; discount coupons; haircuts; beauty salons; health clubs; weight loss programs; fishing; camping; malt-flavored beverages; digital music downloads; drinks from non-diet soda to Gatorade, Hawaiian Punch and Hi-C; beer; wine; car rentals; limousine services; taxis; movies; health
insurance; seed dealers; parents of children with special needs; boilers; explosives; horse entrance fees; sporting events; gasoline; clothing; jewelry; footwear; automobile purchases; registration and driving fees.

According to Stephen Kagann, former state chief economist, every $100 million in new taxes imposed during a recession leads to a loss of 11,400 private sector jobs. Governor Paterson's tax and fee hikes total $6 billion, meaning a loss of 600,000 jobs. When added to the administration's forecast of 180,000 jobs expected to be lost in 2009, it is a very real possibility that one-in-ten jobs in New York State could be threatened. That isn't doomsday - it's an economic apocalypse.

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jill sinclair said...

Please. We are dying already. How can the governor be so hypocritical - tax us for obesity yet tax us to lose weight? Our children are dumbed down enough already. Require them to take a foreign language while they are failing English? Cut more money for an American Education? Who will lead us in thirty years? children who never grew up? Children who cant speak English properly, but are affluent in another countries language.

We cant go to the movies, hair salons etc. yet we can gamble our money away for a zero return on investment - except for the government who takes in loads.


The government IS waging war on the middle class. The people are on the precipice. Our burden is too much to bear. I will go to my assemblyman, my senator and I will raise my voice that this can no longer be tolerated.

Close the borders, stop giving illegals benefits, stop giving foreign aid to countries that hate us, stop the ridiculous spending, stop promoting things like historical wasteful coins of a president elect who cant produce and put to be his citizenship.

Silence the liberals who want to enforce the Fairness doctrine so that they dont have to deal with any opposition.

Turn the calendar to the perpetual date of 1984?

This has to stop.

Anonymous said...

The Governor should try cutting taxes not hiking them.

Beth Ritter said...

The Governor should propose salary/benefit decreases for New York state employees, starting with himself! It's no wonder people are leaving NY in droves. My family wishes we had left when the housing market was good! The state cuts school aid so now schools can cut what they feel is non-essential such as my children's school did this year. Westmoreland removed recess blaming NYS PE Mandates and monetary reasons. Visit

I would also like to comment on the FDA ban on CFC OTC inhalers (like Primetine Mist). I have used and depended on this for 20 years. It is a life saver and is so for many low to middle class people who have no insurance or lackluster coverage-This is the ONLY option that is affordable!!! Also, based on research CFC medicines are far more effective in the treatment of sudden asthma attacks. The poor people of New York are at the mercy of the government! We won't have to worry about "farting cows" because we won't be able to breathe anyway!!!
Beth Ritter-Westmoreland NY

Bruce said...

How about the 50 new troopers on the governors security team?...and the $40,000 rugs in the mansion?...ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Governor Paterson is a disappointment. Instead of cutting back funds for our lawmakers to do with what they please, he expects the middle class to carry the burden.

I thought Mr Tedisco's suggestions were quite good. Another thing that Mr Tedisco failed to include is the State should stop re-hiring employees after they retire and calling them consultants. Stopping this practice will create new jobs and at the same time allow advancement for thoses who are next in line for the promotion. (The consultant arrangements are pre-arranged before they retire.)

Tax on sugar soft drinks, now he is dictating what we can and can not drink. Bet his table is full of good food and drinks. Why? Because we pay for it.

I know his flooring must look pretty good with the new carpet.
Once again, our money goes for re-decorating, wish I could redecorate my home.

Politicans are not looking out for the people who elected them, they are looking out for themselves. Their barrels are full of pork.

Mr Paterson your breaking the backs of them middle class.

Anonymous said...

You know I work 40 hours a week and 1/3 of my paycheck goes to taxes. Than I go to the store and more of my salary gets taxed. Now the Governor is going to tax me more? Something is wrong with this picture. I can hardly find enough money to pay my bills and feed my children. Hey but at least the Governor got his $20,000 rug for the Mansion. Even if that means I become homeless so he can get his rug. This is crazy we have to find someone to be on our side, but its obviously not the Governor.