Wednesday, March 12, 2008


David Paterson's life story is, in a word, inspirational. His public record is one of overcoming obstacles, showing true character in the face of daunting adversity and being able to bridge Albany's bitter partisan divide that has, regrettably, widened into a chasm in recent years.

Governor Paterson knows the meaning of honor and has shown in both his deeds and words that he is a man of the highest public and personal integrity. His inherent decency and desire to put advancing the interests of the 18 and a half million New Yorkers we represent ahead of political partisanship will truly be a breath of fresh air.

I, and our entire Assembly Republican Conference, are ready, willing and able to work with Governor Paterson to get our state back on track by passing a responsible budget that provides real property tax relief, controls spending and meets the real needs of the New Yorkers we collectively represent. We have serious work to do and it is time for New York to put the scandal behind us and for State government to get back to work. David Paterson's ascension to the governorship is the first step in that direction.

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